The asteroids did not blow up the earth, unless you call Gangnam Style an asteroid. In odd fashion, 2013 came like a dinner guest walking into an argument. Apparently, the Mayans stole enthusiasm of the turning of the new year with their messed up calendar. As the Facebook posts reminisce about the new year, I can not wait to get out of 2012. This year was a year full of disappointment and lack of security.

When the winds howls, you always find where you are rooted. Hurricane Sandy proved to all of us East Coasters living in the tri-state area that even the most rooted trees can fall down. For me, 2012 was a hurricane every single day. My roots were tested, tried, and pulled. Some days, I fell. I fall hard and with passion. Other days, I stayed true and upright. Some days I prayed to God; other days, I just didn’t want to. The waves and turns of 2012 forced me to realize: my roots show how strong I truly am.

Friends around me have constantly reminded me how strong I really am. I have never felt strong. I was always that girl who would slack off in gym and weight lifting class in fear of what I was capable of. I wanted to coast in the normal to be accepted by the masses. As 2012 closed, I didn’t want my mark on life to be half-assed or normal just for the sake of being accepted by the masses. I want my mark to be hard, unwavering, and deep. I want people to remember me. I want people to remember Colleen Elizabeth. I want people to never forget who I am.

In the process of showing people who I am, I cannot forget who I am. So, here is another look at my every day life. May this blog be a journalistic view of the human thought, life, and process. May this blog be blessed and you be blessed along with it. Join me for the tears, trials, and happy accidents along the way. This is 365 days of a blog life already in progress.


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