Today, my back hurts. I know why my back hurts… and it hurts at the same time every month. Being 24, I’ve come to hear my body a bit more. I listen when my body is in too much pain or is on a cycle. It’s actually sort of beautiful that the body regulates itself on a schedule. My back aches. My chin breaks out. My head hurts. I eat everything in sight. My body has a routine. I like routines.

I think that’s what I’m lacking from my work life. I don’t have a schedule. I just have stress. I worry about everything and never measure up. But what is to say about that? What is to change? How can I change my life to be less stressful? How do I make myself not stress?

That’s what 2013 is for me, I think. I need to make more time for me and less time to be stressed out. I need to make me happy and not worry about what others think. But, that’s the paradox. That’s where the line is drawn. How do you establish “me” time without hurting someone else? How do you establish you as number one and others as number two without seeming like a jack ass?

That’s what I’m trying to figure out. How do I figure out how to be number one without looking like a jerk in the end?

Well, I’m not sure. Stay tuned.

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