Today made me remember all the good people I have in my life. This last week, I’ve felt so alone and so lame. Well, today that is all I could say. If, that’s alright. That’s all I can say.


Friends are such a tricky thing with me. I am someone who alienates myself. I tend not let people in and I tend to pretend I don’t care. I think I am just like everyone else. Sometimes, I feel so alone. See, I tend to always make the efort. I seem to always be the one going out and hanging out. I am the only one who chekcs up on people instead of midning my own business. I could mind my own business. Yet, I stay home on Friday nights. I go to bed by myself. I have a cat. And I don’t care.


But I want friends. I want companions. I want to feel apart of something.


That’s the human experience, people.


Humans want companionship.


And I will do anything to have a companion… even if it makes me uncomfortable.

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