Maria is gone. I never realized what kind of friend Maria was until this week. This week with her has only showed that, even though we had a common boyfriend between us, we can be friends through everything. She is one true friend that I hope to hold dear for the rest of my life. She not only has been a source of light for me. She has also been an ally… and quickly too.


Ya know, I feel like I can talk to Maria about ANYTHING at ANY TIME and have her not judge me at all. It’s rare to find because I’m such a messed up person as it is. I do and say and be things I probably shouldn’t do. I post things before I speak. I say mean things out of spite. I am not a good person.. but she doesn’t care. She loves me.


Isn’t that just the point of the human experience???

Whatever the case, I feel like she’s my long lost sister. Maybe she is apart of  my soul.

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