I freaking HATE crowds. Crowds at the grocery store? Yuck. Crowded movie theaters? GO HOME! Crowded subways and trains? GET ME OUT OF HERE.

Why do I hate crowds so much, yet cannot stand being alone?

Being single is really weird in February. With Hallmark and Hershey breathing down my neck, I am somehow supposed to feel inadequate because I am fucking single. I apologize for my language, but this is unscripted blog where I need to be real here.

Since when did being single mean disease? Couples are everywhere. Love is everywhere. And for the captain of the lonely hearts club, I do not count this month. Maybe that’s why I am always depressed in February, but I highly doubt it.


So, I checked my facts.

– Although “Blue Monday,” is in January, February is the most depressing month of the year, according to an online poll.

– According to the Bureau of Labor, more layoffs happen in February.

– In February, depression rates are just as high as they are during the month of November, the highest month on average for suicide attempts.

– Football season is over. What other sport do we have to look forward to?

– Valentines Day.


I guess the world needed another holiday to remind them that they are alone. I hate being alone. I really do. It really aches my bones and leaves me feeling worthless. I know I am not. That’s besides the point. I know I am one of a billion people… but they say it’s possible to feel alone in a crowded room. Is to possible to feel alone in a crowded life?



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