I decided to write Tuesday’s post on Wednesday morning simply because I could not stop and think. I will tell you my series of events as if you care or are listening to me. If you don’t care to read, just know: I feel like a worthless piece of sh–.


To start my day, I spilled my first cup of coffee on myself as I fell on black ice. I could not go back inside and change for I was already late for work. So, I had au de coffee all day long. I was sticky, uncaffinated, and really upset. It wasn’t even 8 am yet.


Once I got to school, I knew I had gotten in trouble with my boss. To sum it up, I miscommunicated and didn’t do what I was supposed to do… once again. I feel like I’m not alone, but I don’t see anyone making the same mistakes I do these days.


Not to add to the drama, but I am being observed today (it was tomorrow yesterday…) to see how well I teach and if I will be coming back next year. I hope to be offered the job next year as I think I am a great teacher, but who knows. Maybe I am not. I didn’t feel so confident yesterday.


After school, I had to take a group of kids to the basketball game. Once again, I was ridiculed by the home team, called a bitch, and received a technical foul for saying, “WHAT!? That’s now a foul?!” on the sidelines as two other players received technicals as well.


I guess when I write it out, my day doesn’t seem too bad. All I did was spill hot coffee on myself, rip my tights, go to school drenched on one side, not perform to standard, feel the pressure to perform, and got a technical foul for yelling during a basketball game.

Oh, I almost forgot.

See, the person whom I am about to write about asked me not to post anything online… but, I never was good with directions… and I frankly don’t like people telling me what to do. I will post what I wrote tomorrow. You can be the judge.

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