As the winter draws on, I seek out advice on how to stay sane. I hate the snow. I hate the cold. I hate everyone’s can-do-NOT attitudes, even my own. So, how can I channel this unwavering displeasure for winter so I don’t shoot my eyes out with a squirt gun? Well, here are five things my mother told me that I will NEVER EVER forget.

1. To have a friend is to be a friend. Listen, we all want friends. Whether we hang out with them or treat them like objects, we want them. Sure, it’s easy to meet anyone. You can shake anyone’s hand in a public place like a store or even at school. What keeps people around is the feeling of being wanted and accepted. So, in order to have friends, you must BE one to someone ELSE first. TA-DA!

2. Don’t let a man define your character. And girl, the truth always comes out. I’ve been with enough boys to know that most boys want sex… and when you don’t give it to them, they leave. So, don’t let yourself get tangled up in that.

3. Handwritten card goes a lot further than an e-card or a text or an IM. Personal messages even one sentence can perk up someone’s step. It’s science.

4. Always call. When you’re late, when you’re on time, when you just want to say hello…. always call to say what’s going on. Better yet, thanks to technology, you can text. But ALWAYS call mom.

5. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all, unless you get called a dirty name… then it’s okay. I will never forget the day I told a girl to go to hell for calling me a fat whale. Well, jokes on her now… she’s bigger than me and without a college degree (Ok, I’m prideful…. so shut it.)



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