So, I’m sitting here on a Friday night. I don’t have a boyfriend. I have my cat. I have my best friend. I have liquor. I have a good movie and a good book. I have more than I could ever need or want. And tomorrow, I will go to Imagine Dragons and Atlas Genius in the city.



Sometimes, people don’t understand why I like going to shows or liking music as I do. I really like music. I write about music. I live and breathe music. I love it. It’s my life. I feel alive and feel far more in depth and connected to reality with music. Music makes me FEEL something. It makes me feel something I can’t find in anything else.


What else is there for life? No religion can make me feel this inspired. No boyfriend or friend or movie can make me feel this alive.


Let me explain this to you.


You hit the venue. You smell the anticipation of the more than just music. The bodies gather waiting for it. The hear the sound check rial up your heart. Your brain begins to pump. Thump. BAM BAM BAM. And now you can hear it. The band has started to play. The wirl of energy conversates in your veins. You stop and breathe every note… every key…. every struggle…. you feel it all. And right there… you know. There is something bigger than the world. There is something bigger than you. And there is something you want. There is some melody that tells you that life has purpose and has meaning and breathes… 1 and 2 and 3 and four and….

Bam bam bam goes the drums… shawng…. bang…. and the singers spits and cheers and lighters fill the air.

The intimacy of music curls inside your head.


For days you can only speak of what you just witnessed. Everyone in your normal life doesn’t understand. Because you just witnessed life…. you just witnessed the magic of the music.


And no one has understood you from that day on.


No one.


And that’s music.

Music saves you from the demons that lock.

Yet, I feel like my church… the church of indie rock…. has saved me more times than anything from the demons that haunt me.


Has music ever saved you?



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