Do not judge me…. while I judge you.



As humans, we are constantly judging thing. “This is not organic enough.” “This is not colorful enough.” “This isn’t big enough to fit around my hips.” “Another cookie and I’ll be fatter than a cow.” (Maybe those are all the things I tell myself….) Anyways, we are naturally pretty judgmental.


And that’s fine, and all. I mean, in America, we are expected to judge ourselves and figure out what we want to be in the 9th grade so that our high school experience can fit to our fickle nature. We are expected to judge what is right or wrong based on the morality our parents set up. We are expected to eat right, exercise right, and be upstanding citizens. We are expected to make those judgements.


Yet, we hate when people judge us for being too funny, too lazy, too fat, or too offensive.


So, why do we judge those around us harder than we should?


Because we really judge and hate ourselves.



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