Today is my brother’s birthday.


Now, I can write silly little memories for everyone to hum and ha over. That would be great, and all… but that’s not what I want to do. I want to do something different. I want to make it memorable.


I wanted to talk to you about why I love friendship.


Ok, story time.

Back in the day, like a while ago, my brother and I used to fight. We would fight constantly. We would yell at each other and say things we regret. We would say, “You suck Al Gore’s mother’s soup!” and “No. You’re Al Gore’s personal butt licker!” “Well, I’m telling mom!” Things got out of hand.

I look back at it all now, and, well, we still yell at each other. “Paul, stop convicting me!” “Colleen, you’re not being logical!” “Paul, I can date whomever I want!” “Colleen, he’s a douche bag!”

While our conversation hasn’t changed, both of our appreciation for each other has changed. That’s what’s so great about real friendships is that you GROW with them.


Both of our parents divorced this year. Being one of five children, Paul is the only one I am fully related to. He is my full sibling. So, when we found out our parents were splitting up, we kinda took it hard. We were upset… well, I was upset. Paul is far more logical than I am…. but we grew from it. We have an understanding about it. We love it.


I can’t tell you all the times I have bragged about how close I am with my brother. One time, we were trying to prove to someone, when I was in high school, that we were so close “we finished each other’s…..” and my brother replied, “haircuts?”


It’s still a running joke today.

and “NARNIA”

and “DEEP”

and “BLALOOOODY LOOODY LOOO” like Sponge Bob Square Pants.


There will always be my brother and there will always be my memories.

When I gray and age, I will hold on to the stupid words

and that one time I spilled my purple smoothy all over the kitchen

or that time you broke my finger

or that time I made your nose break while playing basketball

or every time I would get upset for losing at a playstation game, so I turned off the console.


Now, with ever hardache, every mistake, every breakup, my brother is always there.

And I love my brother.

People find our relationship weird.

But I don’t.

Because I know where we’ve been. I know what we’ve been through.

So, today, I say, happy birthday, Paul.

Not just for you… although, I love you. SO SO SO Much.

But, I am so happy you exist for me.

I am so happy someone else gets me like you do.

I am so happy someone else has a dark humor like I do.

I am so happy someone else makes me feel not so alone.


Happy Birthday.


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