We know nothing about fitness and health.

Whether you are a personal trainer or a coach potato, we have zero understanding of healthy.

Let me explain.

The media has blinded us to believe that skinny is healthy. If you are skinny, you are healthy. If you aren’t skinny, well, damn it, you are not healthy.

But, I’ve been reading fashion magazines since I was a kid… and I’m looking at what is considered “healthy” and I am mortified.



When I see these photos, I don’t see health. I see photoshop. I see fashion. I see exciting. I do not see health.

As a 5’10” without shoes and, Lawrd knows, I ain’t telling you my weight, I know I will NEVER look like that without much pain and sorrow. Do I truly believe healthy is in the skinny?

I’m sure a trainer, or even my trainer, would tell me that a healthy person drinks plenty of water, sleeps 8 hours a day, and eats only organic greens and proteins. I can do all that until I’m blue in the face, but am I still healthy?

Is the answer Plus-size models? Is the answer starving myself? Is it zumba, pilates, yoga? Water? WHAT IS HEALTHY?


I believe true health is body and soul. I can be fit and skinny yet still be unhealthy in my mind. We often forget that our minds are just as good as our bodies. If our minds are not healthy, what is the use of life? What is the use of trying if my soul is weighed down?

So, we join religions. We do yoga. We search ourselves. We take life journeys and paths. We take pottery. We go skydiving. It’s all good, right?

But, at what point are we healthy?

What point can I stand before you and say I am healthy?

The size on my pants nor the food on my plate cannot determine that. It helps… but only I will know if I am healthy, right?


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