Marriage Equality.


Today, I didn’t even have to read the news or click on CNN to know that today in Washington Marriage Equality was at war. WAR. Huh. What is it… good for? Well, it’s actually something we need to discuss.

I am not gay, unfortunately. I would make a fabulous gay. But, I am not. I like dudes. Although I have my girl crushes and often dream about Shakira (I mean, come ON!), I am straight. And that’s totally fine. But, just because I’m straight does not mean I have to be an asshole.

One of my friend’s posted this on facebook, and I was mortified.


I am an openly straight but fabulous for the gay community. I have friends who are gay. I have family members who are gay. I have gay coworkers. And, I firmly believe it’s alright for equality in marriage. Why does the world actually care?

It really bothers me…. not that this is getting headlines. I am so excited this issue is being addressed, but to me, it’s a non-issue. Why? Because it’s a logical no-brainer for anyone who is crazy enough to want to get married to get married.

I am a child of divorce. Divorce happens to 50% of marriages. Straight marriages fail. It’s a fact. So, how does gay marriage ruin the “sanctity” of straight marriage? Because, let’s face it, straights aren’t getting it right. It’s 50%. As a teacher, that’s an F. Straights are getting an F in marriage. FAIL. EFF MINUS.

So, for anyone to tell someone who is openly gay that they cannot have the same right as a straight, who is failing at marriage already, that they cannot love who they want to love forever, well that’s stupid. But, this is not an issue. Anyone who wants to get married should. However, air on the side of caution that marriages CAN fail, but they don’t kill you. Divorce doesn’t kill you. Neither does gay marriage.

I don’t post my political beliefs on facebook as this day is pretty momentous. But, hey, I blogged about it. Maybe you care about what I think and maybe you disagree with me. That’s cool. Why? because our differences make us beautiful. So, get over it. LOVE ME!

Go gays.

Keep Calm and gay on.

Okay, I’m done.


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