“He did not come with a crown and jewels like the Jews thought he should be. No. He came naked. He came screaming into this world just like you and me. He came in a very simple and humbling way. There was no parade, no fireworks, no white-party hosted by P. Diddy. He came through a teenager in a barn in the middle of nowhere. It is humbling to even me that the God I stand here and worship came down from the heavens to be among us- gross, smelly, broken people. He loves us in our junk. He hasn’t left. He is in our brokenness and junk. Jesus is walking WITH us through our junk, the stains, the mess, and is constantly showing us GRACE and TRUTH. Grace comes to heal our hearts and show us love. Truth smacks us in the face and guides us to fall more in LOVE with Jesus. Truth is new life in Him and His mission called life. “


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